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Bajio Sunglasses Dealer

Bajio is an independent sunglass brand motivated by a profound connection to the water and a drive to inspire positive change. Through their radically clear lenses and plant-based frames you can join in their vision to harness the power of purpose. Grab a pair from Carolina Boat Company to see the world (and more fish) in a new light.

Carolina Boat Company is proud to carry Bajio sunglasses at our store located at 13500 US Business Hwy 70W in Clayton, North Carolina.

Bajio likes their sunglasses how they like their waters - clear and clean. That's why they make their sunglasses sunstainably.

Clear lenses made with a clear conscience, Bajio lenses filter out damaging blue light, dramatically improving clarity. Seeing is believing. 

We've fallen in love with Bajio sunglasses and we're certain you will too!

Call our store at 919-659-5096 for style availability.


We can order any Bajio style combination you want as well with free in-store pickup!

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